February 24, 2010

Fair Vote MN violated election law in close race

Group  that  backed  instant  runoff  voting in  St. Paul  is fined  $5,000

Group is fined $5,000, but the ruling won't affect referendum approval of IRV.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, too bad that this isn't MN...it's Burlington, VT. When are you guys going to realize that the IRV system that Burlington has in place now is NOT the same, exact system that the other select few communities that have rejected IRV have had??

Joyce McCloy said...

And FV MN was unapologetic said the judges.

The push for IRV comes from outside - take a look at how FairVote $ are used to push IRV:


While FairVote advises communities to adopt the complex election method, FairVote also sells Election Services. See:
FairVote Election Services Group

So they are non profit AND election vendor?

Here's a few of FairVote's "partnerships" with a voting vendors:

1) November 12, 2009 FairVote Partnership with Internet Voting Company EveryoneCounts erased after post to election integrity group

The page, before scrubbed, said:

"Fairvote in partnership with Everyone Counts and The Center for Voting and Democracy (Fairvote) have entered into an agreement to promote proportional representation in the United States.
(We asked Rob Richie for a copy of the agreement but he was unable to find it)

Computer scientists say that internet voting is insecure "there is ample reason to be skeptical of internet voting proposals". Internet security expert Avi Rubin says there is no way to secure Internet voting.

2) IRV software maker Choice Plus Pro, who supplies the tallying software for Burlington, touted on its website a "Partnership" with
"The Center for Voting and Democracy" which is FairVote's former name:

"Voting Solutions, LLC, in partnership with the Center for Voting and Democracy, is planning to release its ChoicePlus Pro software under an open source license. For more information, visit www.fairvote.org/choiceplus "

see that at http://www.votingsolutions.com/

Anonymous said...

Let's try something novel here. How about trying to knock down FairVote's arguments *for* IRV instead of desperately trying to smear them at all costs? How about that...anyone up for it?? I didn't think so...

"Computer scientists say that internet voting is insecure 'there is ample reason to be skeptical of internet voting proposals'. Internet security expert Avi Rubin says there is no way to secure Internet voting."

I completely agree. Now, what, praytell, does this have to do with the IRV ballot item on next month's ballot?? Hint: Nothing!

Anonymous said...

When large amounts of money come from outside groups to buy influence with voters on a local ballot initiative, it's wise to follow the money as ask where it came from, and why? All Repeal IRV donations are small and local. Pro-IRV has received up to $10K from VPIRG, and hasn't yet reported $6K? from a group called Fair Vote. FV business connections with Burlington need to be scrutinized, because the influence they are buying may be financially advantageous to them, and not necessarily in the best interests of Burlington residents.

Anonymous said...

"Pro-IRV has received up to $10K from VPIRG"

...which is pocket change when it comes to political campaigns...please...

"FV business connections with Burlington need to be scrutinized"

Why, because you simply don't care for FairVote's position on IRV?? One which you haven't even bothered to refute BTW.

Anonymous said...

Pro-IRV funded the 50% campaign with $6K and $10K from two donors, and it's not pocket change in this election. Remember, it's a ballot issue, not a candidate. It's a citizen initiative, and the politicians and big money influence peddlers are telling people how they want to vote. Why don't they listen to the people, for a change?