September 18, 2010

Voters Must Take Charge for Change To Occur

Sept 13, Burlington City Council hears report from Charter Change Committee. The only proposal they can agree on is to increase mayoral election bar from 40% plurality to 50%. Addition of recall provision to City Charter and removal of CAO voting power on FB was returned to committee. The latter were deemed personal, as related to Kiss and Leopold's debacle.

However, it's the the 50% change that is personal, very personal, never mind political -- EVERYTHING CC does is political. Apparently Councilor Shannon fears the possible election of Kurt Wright, Republican, as mayor with 40% plurality vote. She apparently thinks that she or a Democrat could get elected in a real run-off with coalition of Dem/Prog support. Too many councilors are already running for mayor. Rigging an election by charter change,  to prevent one party or person from winning, is unjust.

This change will go nowhere. Voters don't think election rigging is fair. As for the important changes that the committee can't deliver, recall and CAO staff to FB (not a voting member), voters will need  to petition for the right to vote on those changes.

City Council needs HELP. Every ward needs to carefully consider whether their councilor is part of the problem, or can work with council to solve problems in the city and initiate change.

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