March 9, 2010

The Process by which a Citizen Initiative becomes Law

Gregory Sanford
Vermont State Archives and Records Administration
(802) 828-2369

THE LAW: 17 V.S.A. §2645

Here is what municipality will certify, 10 days following the election:
  1. The petition with the proposed charter change (plus certification that it was signed by the required number of voters) 
  2. Warnings to the two public hearings to discuss the proposal (often held in conjunction with regular municipal board meeting)
  3. Copies of minutes from those public hearings if there is discussion on proposed change (or certified that no discussion occurred)
  4. Ballot with results certified
DEADLINE Thursday, March 11, 2010

.Gregory Sanford receives the material and reviews it for completeness. Even if he requests more material from the municipality, he will forward the proposed charter change to the designated parties [AG Office, Sec of State, Clerk of House] as well as to the Legislative Council in case they have not already received a copy from which to draft a bill. 

.Then it goes through the normal process for a bill. The House Government Ops Committee will schedule hearings on the bill.

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