March 3, 2010


 Is this really the end of IRV in Burlington?

Burlington politicians are examining the best way to move forward in the wake of the vote to repeal instant runoff voting. The main IRV supporters say they accept the outcome and are willing to move on, but Mayor Bob Kiss says this may not be the end of the debate. More>>


Bianca Slota followed up on Bob Kiss' comments -- high voter turnout in wards 4 and 7 vs. low voter turnout in the rest of the city, north end naysayers vs. Burlingtonians. He says if "we" "heat up that debate, we might get a better measure of Burlingtonians view of IRV." Surprise! Bianca Slota had the real voter turn-out numbers, comparing 2005 when the IRV charter change was supported by voters, to 2010 when that charter change was repealed.

More people voted in 2010, same voter distribution across the wards!
2005 -- 7,550, 42% of the total vote was in Wards 4 and 7, 58% in other wards.
2010 -- 7.695, exactly the same distribution, 42% in wards 4 and 7.

So the only difference is that after Burlington voters had the experience of two IRV elections, more people voted, same distribution among the wards, and 52% citywide don't want IRV.

Hopefully the Mayor and city administration will accept the vote of the people, and turn their attention toward substantive problems, like working in partnership with Council to protect the city's investment in BT, stabilize the pension fund, and  restore open government to our city.


Joyce McCloy said...

I suppose that Bob Kiss only supports the 50% campaign when it goes his way.

But when IRV is defeated by a real majority, 52% (correct?) then suddenly 50% isn't good enough for Kiss.

Thats what IRV is all about, moving the field goal around and around. Its like three card monte.

Kiss seems to think that the public serves him and not the other way around.

JayV said...

"Heat" up the debate, indeed. The mayor always talks about letting the process play out. We did the process and voted. Actually the debates prior to the vote on Tuesday were numerous and did an outstanding job in educating the public. It's taking time to investigate the details. As I told a pro-IRV person at my ward polling station, after she asked me if I had any questions for her to answer, "I've done my homework as a citizen, know how I will vote today, and can probably answer any questions you may have!"

The mayor can disparage all the voters in Wards 4 and 7 all he wants. But just look at the numbers in other wards, particularly Ward 6: it was a 50/50 split and that is also sending the message that people had no conficence there in the IRV "process." - Jay Vos

dale tillotson said...

Can't wait to see and question the Mayor at npa March 16. Hopefully a long line at the microphone so he gets the big picture. Not just IRV but governing the city, legally and responsibly.