February 28, 2010

People will tell the politicians how we want to vote! This is a citizen initiative and we have the power.

Ballot Question #5 is a CITIZEN INITIATIVE. 

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IRV activists campaign in Burlington: City voters will decide a repeal question brought by petition by IRV opponents.  http://bit.ly/9CgHz0

Citizen initiative on IRV. Let the people tell the politicians how we want to vote. Howard Dean, who told us over and over that we have the power -- Ha! Not when it comes to deciding how we want to vote apparently -- made a TV ad to tell us that his candidate lost in FL because they didn't have IRV, and then he tells us not to vote based on whether our candidate lost  in the last mayoral election! [At least he's using an election example instead of skim milk, jelly beans and ice cream.] And Bernie? Bernie, who is senator today because Burlington elected him mayor with a 43% plurality vote in a 4-way race, and never was there any doubt that he earned every single vote and was a good mayor. John McCain? He cares about how the mayor is elected in Burlington, VT? Of course not.

On Tuesday we go into the privacy of a voting booth and tell the politicians how we want to vote for mayor in Burlington. And it will be a true majority, because this vote isn't IRV. Repeal Yes, Repeal No. It's that simple.


Anonymous said...

After we repeal IRV, 50% can take their issue to the voters by citizen initiative, or city council can put it on the ballot, but who is going to tackle the real problem which is that so few people vote? 40% plurality, 50% majority -- what does it matter when only 27% of the people vote?

JayV said...

Indeed. If only establishment, careerist politicians (a political class that doesn't trust 'ordinary' people) weren’t afraid to share power with citizens!

Joyce McCloy said...

How much was ultimately spent to try to prevent the repeal of IRV iN Burlington? Was that a half page ad in the newspaper with McCain, Dean and Sanders?

I would be interested to know, as it really appears to be FairVote pushing this wagon whether people want it or not.